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Switchboard Safety

Switchboards are at the heart of your electrical system. However, they often go unattended for years. This is dangerous. Outdated and unmaintained switchboards can catch fire resulting in significant damage.

Switchboard Repairs

Our team of qualified electricians can assist with a range of switchboard services, including testing, re-wiring, maintenance and repairs. If you think you have a switchboard problem Port Douglas, you need to call Mowbray Electrical Services.

Switchboard Replacements

There’s a lot of residential, commercial and agricultural properties around Port Douglas which still have the old style fuse boxes. For your safety, it’s time to upgrade. We can help with switchboard installation and replacement services.


Do you know the difference between a fuse box and a switchboard? Fuse boxes contain fuses, which are normally ceramic or porcelain. They do not contain safety switches and can become very dangerous if an old fuse becomes damaged or removed.
Switchboards are more modern, in appearance and functionality. For best protection of people and property, we suggest updating to a switchboard with safety switches, if you haven’t already done so. Our experienced electricians can help.

Port Douglas Switchboard Repairs

Does your switchboard need attention? Are your lights flickering? Do you have power failures if too many electrical appliances are turned on at once? If the answer to questions 2 and 3 are yes, then call Mowbray Electrical Services today, as ‘yes’ your switchboard needs to be repaired. Our team service switchboards at Port Douglas properties across the town and surrounding regions. Switchboard safety is important. Rely on our professional expertise.

Port Douglas Switchboard Replacement Services

Our experienced Port Douglas switchboard electricians can design and install replacement units, at your property. We’ll make sure you’ve got the right technology and switchboard configuration, for your particular requirements and operations. For more information on our Port Douglas switchboard services, contact us today. Our team are fast, efficient and professional.

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