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Safety Switches

Safety switches can save lives. Designed to cut power to a circuit when needed, safety switches protect people from electric shock and possible electrocution. They’re not expensive and we can help install and maintain.

Circuit Breakers

If you’ve plugged in too many appliances, or there is a power surge or electrical fault, the circuit breaker prevents power from overloading by stopping the flow of electric current. They’re different to safety switches, but just as important.

Quality Electrical Services

Our team of experienced, qualified electricians provide a range of professional electrical services. Port Douglas is our base, but we work with clients across the surrounding regions. Our owners are fourth generation locals. Proudly powering Port.


Mowbray Electrical Services provide an extensive range of Port Douglas safety switch and circuit breaker services. These include power fault testing, installation, repairs and maintenance. The return on this affordable investment, is your safety.
We favour Hager and Clipsal safety switches and circuit breakers. If there’s limited space in your switchboard, we’ll use a RCBO which combines a safety switch with a circuit breaker to provide exceptional electrical protection.

Port Douglas Safety Switch Services

Our Port Douglas safety switch services are available to residential, commercial, agricultural and mining customers. How do you know if you already have one? Check your switchboard, safety switches have a ‘T’ or ‘Test’ button on the front face. Is one safety switch enough? Not always, Mowbray Electrical Services can review your property and its power usage to advise the correct quantity of safety switches for your protection. Contact us today.

Port Douglas Circuit Breaker Services

As outlined above, circuit breakers are different to safety switches, but they’re just as important. Circuit breakers will cut power if there is a high current fault or overload. They help protect your circuit wiring and appliances. If your circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping, then it’s important to give us a call to see what the problem might be. Mowbray Electrical Services provide professional Port Douglas circuit breaker services to customers around the region.

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